11.6 inch All in One Cash Register

Smaller, smarter and more powerful horizontal cash register
Buy now and you will get some scanners or printers or coupons for free

Activity time: 25 Sept.- 31 Oct. 2020

Activity Details

If you buy a C202, you can get 8 USD list product purchase coupons (unlimited use), if you buy two C202, you will have 16 USD to use, and so on. 

If you don’t need to purchase scanner or printer, you can get a $5 coupon for every C202 you buy, which can be used in the next purchase. 

 Wired 1D CCD barcode scanner(TC-1901L) $10 58mm POS printer $17
Wired 1D laser barcode scanner(TC-1803) $16 80mm pos printer 200mm/s $42
 Wireless Bluetooth & 2.4G 2D barcode scanner(TC-3040) $36 80mm pos printer 250mm/s $56
 Bluetooth & 2.4G  2D bluetooth barcode scanner (TC-3030) $75 80mm pos printer 300mm/s $80
 High performance embedded 2D barcode scanning module(TC-D9) $85  

For example, if you buy 100 pcs C202, you can get 800 USD unlimited scanner and printer purchase coupons, or get 500 USD coupons.


  1. 80 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
  2. CPU: Intel® Apollo lake N3355
  3.  4G DDR3, 64G SSD
  4. High-performance GPU, capable of processing 4K images


  1. Scanner
  2. RFID
  3. MSR
  4. 2*20 VFD

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