Barcode Scanner

Multi-model scanner optional

We have handheld barcode scanner and omnidirectional barcode reader, support 1D and 2D scanning, optional wired or wireless.

TC-3030 Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner

  1. 1 million pixels camera
  2. High-class design with good material
  3. Able to read 110mm long code easily
  4. Able to blurred/scratched barcodes accurately
  5. Two connection methods in 1 scanner: 2.4Ghz wireless & Bluetooth
  6. 2600mAh long-lasting battery

TC-3040 New Model Barcode Scanner

  1. Resolution Ratio:2500pixel
  2. Scan Speed:300 scans/s
  3. Interface:USB
  4. Image Resolution: 4mil
  5. Communication distance:10M
  6. Can read most Mainstream 1D barcode
  7. 2.4g/2.4g+Bluetooth oprional

TC-1803 1D Barcode Reader

  1. Good casing
  2. Stable stand
  3. Gold-plated mirror, spotlight, easy to read
  4. Can read long & high density barcode easily 110mm 1D barcodes
  5. Support multiple keyboard layouts
  6. Support Febraban, DANFE, Italy pharmacy code (code 32 display “A”)
  7. Small barcodes

TC-2003 Wireless Handheld Barcode Reader

  1. Able to read on-screen barcodes sensitively
  2. Able to read damage/blurred barcodes accurately
  3. Able to various mainstream 1D/2D barcodes
  4. Three connection methods in 1 scanner: 2.4Ghz wireless & Bluetooth & USB wired (Other options: 2.4Gh wireless & Wired)

TC-D9 Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

  1. Decoding Capability: 1D&2D Code
  2. Super Scanning Speed with the Red LED Light
  3. popular for payment, ticketing,checking, parking, solution
  4. Auto-sensing like Datelogic

TC-9100 Handheld Automatic Barcode Scanner

  1. Quick identification barcode scanner
  2. Supports multiple operating systems
  3. Manual activation and continuous scanning for choice

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