Over the past few years, self-service ordering kiosks have become a staple of fast food and fast-casual chains around the world. Self-service ordering machines are becoming more and more popular not only in restaurants, but also in supermarkets and cheap stores.

Self-ordering kiosks can be used in restaurants, retail stores, hotels and more to allow customers to easily order, pay and check out on their own. Research shows that self-service solutions can alleviate order anxiety and make it easier for customers to purchase more products without feeling ashamed. . Many customers prefer to place orders at kiosks because they have control over the items they receive

1. Increase check size
The biggest benefit of self-service ordering kiosks is the impact on average check size. With self-service ordering kiosks, guests can choose to push targeted and intuitive upsell prompts when establishing an order.

2. Reduce waiting time
Another clear benefit of self-service ordering kiosks is that they speed up the ordering process, allowing customers to order their own food without having to wait in line. Customers can create and place their order with just a few clicks, send it to the kitchen and pay. Reduce waiting time.

3. Improve order accuracy
When your customers select and submit their own orders, the order’s margin of error is significantly reduced, and with increased order accuracy, your kitchen won’t waste time preparing unordered items or incorrect dishes. In turn, you won’t have to deal with angry customer complaints or negative online reviews.

4. Save labor costs
Self-ordering kiosks can also help solve productivity issues by giving restaurant owners the flexibility to move staff around. Front-office employees who used to manually take orders can now be reassigned to other tasks to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

Tcang has launched the K -series of self-service kiosks in different sizes. Supports Android and Windows systems. It can be completely adapted to the choice of restaurants and supermarkets.

Countertop Ordering Kiosk
Customers can order from a digital menu using countertop ordering kiosks and pay for their purchases. This approach provides convenience in a small space while also increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the ordering process. Self-service ordering and payment technology can be installed instantly in any counter area or designed to fit a bespoke structure.

Stand-alone ordering kiosk
These kiosks streamline the ordering process, thereby increasing productivity at QSRs and other types of fast-food restaurants. The solution is available in single- and double-sided versions and can be combined with two or more screens and payment technologies.

Wall mounted ordering kiosk
Wall-mounted ordering kiosks are a long-lasting, versatile and space-saving self-ordering solution. Wall-mounted self-service terminals are suitable for providing self-service transactions. The system comes with a highly customizable system and you will get multiple options such as screen size, payment device, scanner, and more.

Self-service solutions enable business owners to gain data insights that help them learn more about the purchasing insights of their average customers so they can curate their menus for maximum profits. Menus can even be customized to feature certain products first when they are most popular. Includes integrated credit card receipts, thermal receipt printer, kiosk management portal. Contact us for more details!