There are a lot of point of sale machines on the market. Hundreds of manufacturers sell thousands of POS products, from simple POS receipt printers to wireless handheld payment Terminal. Pricing for the same type of product can vary widely, so how do you know which POS products are right for your business? How do you know which products you need? We can provide you with any solution for the POS system.

  • The Android handheld POS design is inspired by the black knight. The POS machine body is ultra-thin, even for girls, it can be controlled by one hand, supports multiple languages, supports Bluetooth virtual printing, and prints faster than 70mm/s.

  • The Windows POS machine with aluminum alloy stand, very easy to remove and install customer display.

    POS Model: TC-TOUCH-A9
    CPU: Baytrail J1900 QuadCore 2.0GHz
    Main Screen Size: 15.6 inch
    Monitor Resolution: 1366*768 or 1920*1080P
    Optional: 8 LED English customer display, 2*20 LCD/ VFD, 11.6″ LCD and 15.6 inch LCD
    Quality Warranty: 2 year

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